Makers Day 8

I started today feeling like I hadn’t been making much progress. And ended the day having felt as though I was making progress throughout the day, but actually I still feel like I’m not making much progress.

There are a lot of online resources available, and that in itself is overwhelming. I think that tonight I will spend half an hour thinking about the next step in the oystercard challenge, and also spend maybe half an hour doing one of the online practicals.

The only real take away I had from today came from the process workshop in the afternoon. This involved having someone watch me work for 30 minutes. Generally the feedback was positive, considering I’m a newbee! I was caught out on a couple of things though, one of which was writing way more code than was required to pass the test that I had written. If the test that I write can pass just by typing ‘true’ into the code somewhere, then I should do that and try a new test!



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