Makers Day 7

It’s 11pm and I’ve just remembered to write a post.

A short one today.

Mocks and doubles. I still don’t really get this concept but I’m confident I will with more practice. At the moment all I can say is that doubles (mocks, stubs and spies) and used when you’re wanting to test one snippet of code that needs pieces of other code to work. These other pieces of code can be replaced with doubles, to ensure that they don’t need to be called by the test in order to run. If they invoke the use of a big database, for example, the test would be very inefficient. By using doubles, only the snippet of code under question is tested, or ‘isolated’. and are good resources to help model the user requirements. By modelling, one can present the overall concept that is trying to be executed, and this will help to write and arrange the code: deciding what classes to use, what objects can message what objects and how they all share information, along with how the user accesses them.

I have also created a form to ask for feedback from people for pair coding. The form is filled in anonymously. I will ask my pair partner every day for feedback, and will check it at the weekend only to ensure that I do not know what has responded with what. I must pay close attention to actioning the feedback!



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