Makers Day 3

Naming spec files — it appeared that spec.rb files only appear to work if you end the file name with “_spec.rb”.

Predicate matchers — when writing tests using rspec, there is a whole host of vocabulary that can be used, and it responds to items in the code script in different ways. For example, if I have a method called ‘working?’ in my script, I can check that something responds to that by typing: expect(subject).to be_working. Basically, be_***** replaces the *****?.

Pair Programming

Today I researched more into how to pair through github collaboration. Using this information, my pair partner and I spent the afternoon taking it in turns to work on the code, and then push to github to allow the other to pull from github and work on the code. This was achieved simply by cloning my repo to their computer. I was able to help my pair programming partner in several ways, mainly through aiding them with some syntax and shortcuts e.g. git add . will add all docs and you don’t have to type them all out individually. My pair partner also seemed quite pleased to be collaborating through github.

Additional hacks

ctrl + shift + m in Atom will let you see the markdown file output as you type it. Markdown files are simple text files that can be used to create’s and other such notes to be pushed onto github.

Boris Bikes Step 11 — couldn’t finish this without looking at the walkthrough. In my opinion the user story was a bit vague / poorly worded. I don’t think we would have ever thought up the method to go ahead with. Saying that, when looked at the method made sense…



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