Makers Day 12

This morning I had my first look at the additional RSPEC Udemy course I have signed up for. My testing is suffering compared to others who have done this course, so I’m planning to do this for 30 min every morning. And given there is some 7 hours of content I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of February!

Today we had a workshop on HTTP modelling. It was relatively straight forward. Drawing diagrams of how a user tell a client to make a get or post request to a server, and the sort of responses that might be given.

I then did a practical that looked at accessibility. Essentially, if your code doesn’t have any items that label things as articles or titles etc, or provide a description of an image along with the image, then it can be hard to access for people who may have e.g. sight impairments.

This afternoon’s pairing challenge spent some more time looking at how some Ruby script can interact with a webpage, along with creating a method that accepted either a GET request or a POST request. Followed by the Capybara workout….. which I didn’t see the point in but I’m sure that will become apparent!

Final thoughts — I’m paying for this course so I’m going to start asking the coaches to muck in with me a bit!



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