Makers Day 11

This week we are starting to look at the whiskey with water….. the ‘w’, ‘w’, ‘w’. Better known as the world wide web.

On day 11 we mainly learned about clients and servers. It seems the entirety of the workings of the internet is about the relationships between client and servers. A client will send a GET or a POST request to a server, either requesting or giving information, and the server will respond with either the information requested, the updated information, or, as usual in my case, an error.

We also saw how you can host a local server on your own computer using she sinatra gem. And that this gem is a pile of annoyance and you end up having to use the puma gem. You can upload information to a website on this local server, and using ERB (embedded ruby), you can write ruby code to run on the site.

Things are really starting to ramp up. We have a new topic, and I still haven’t done anywhere near as much as I was hoping to with old topic. Efforts must be doubled!



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