Makers Coding Bootcamp. End of Day 2

Foreword — to provide context to anyone who reads this. I have never blogged before. I’m still not totally sure what the point of it is. People have pointed me towards posts that they have written and I’m always perplexed how they have been able to write so creatively, with their metaphors, their philosophies, and general macro/microcosms. This blog isn’t meant to provide any information or insight to anybody apart from myself. You have been warned…

What have I learned at Makers so far?

‘clear’ can be used to wipe the terminal screen to provide something that’s easier on the eyes.

require and require_relative are slightly different. require_relative is generally used to provide access to a local folder in the same directory, as part of the same project. require is generally used ‘globally’ to provide information from the GEM (note — unsure what a GEM is still…).

TDD — shall become the bane of my life I imagine, at least over the next short while. Test Driven Development. Best practice is often to write the tests before the actual script / code itself. Discovered today that not knowing the language the tests need to be written in can really hamper overall progress…. But can also appreciate why it is best practice.



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